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One possible set-up for the website (already posted as a fb comment):

Interested participants, once they've registered, would find links to specific premises such as "Elimination of tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%?"... "Approval of the Keystone Pipeline Project"...  Privatization of Social Security... Stricter immigration reform... Tougher climate change-related regulation... along with various foreign policy issues, etc.Participants would click on one or two issues of interest and indicate whether their position on that issue is "pro" or "con." An algorithm designed into the website would automatically match people in pairs, with one "pro" and one "con" per pair. Before beginning a respectful dialog with their counterpart, participants would also have the option to click on "It's OK to allow our dialog to be open for other registered members to follow." That way all members of the 'Political Pen Pal site' could benefit from being exposed to additional perspectives involving both their own issue(s) of interest as well as other issues by being able to vicariously read and follow other members' two-way dialogs.