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In my view of life we blend 2 of 3 reactions to "the void" we discover when we ask "Why am I?". We blend either complementary amounts of "the ideal" and "absolutely restrictive" reactions or "the ideal" and "absolutely permissive" reactions. In the absolutely restrictive reaction there are 8 somewhat distinct ways we try to fill the void. One is our "religious/philosophical reaction" which contains all our attempts  to answer "Why am I?" We can also try to fill the void with facts, information etc., our "factual reaction". Kopimism would fit in either but because it is an "ism" I would be inclined to include it in the former. However, it really doesn't matter because "the void" can't be filled and any way we try is self-destructive. Moreover, if we increased the amount of "the ideal" reaction in our blend, all the ways we try to fill the void would disappear.