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Thank you for putting together your high quality, thought-provoking, inspiring program Speaking of Faith. I teach 7th grade in a religious education program and I am continually looking for real life examples to explain, inspire, challenge and provoke feeling, thoughts, and hopefully discussion for these emerging young adults.

Listening to Colleen Rowley's interview in "Work and Conscience" seems to have the perspective of what I need to hook my students into discussing "doing the right thing." What really caught my ear was Coleen's reference to the book by Fulton Sheen, The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness. This is the book that I found and read to understand each of the Beatitudes myself and now use to explain to my students.

I find that alternate media presentations and gathering the support materials and resources (which you provide a wonderful bibliography of further reading, music, etc. from the program) makes the basics of my lessons stick in their memory and mine. I can't wait to order an audio copy of this program and listen to past audio of your programs. I'm sure I will find more inspiring material and topics!