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Wow. You are so right and said it so perfectly. I also grew up Southern Baptist and while I've never necessarily felt that S.B. have everything right when it comes to God, I have to say that I was always taught the same thing. Another religious leader/figure may have said something wise, but it couldn't have come from God, right? In order to be God's truth it had to come from the King James Bible, as if King James himself were our only connection to God.  

A few months ago I was in an anthropology class and went through a period where I questioned the Christian ownership of "God's Truth." I was afraid I was losing my faith, afraid that I couldn't be an anthropologist and still hold onto what I had always believed. A friend of mine told me that I am connected to God in ways that I can't even imagine, so I don't need to hold onto my faith as if  a shift in belief will cut me off from God. She told me that God is holding onto me and it is only natural that my perception of him will change as I grow and learn more about him. My idea of God now isn't the same as when I was five, is it?  And to me, the groundbreaking thing was that my friend, who had imparted so much wisdom to me, is Muslim. When I was nervous about talking to any of my Christian friends about this, hesitant to talk to my parents or my pastor, my Muslim friend shared God's truth with me and brought me so much comfort and solace. I remember riding my bike home that night and thanking God for sending her to me. I was reminded that God has a sense of humor and seems to enjoy working his miracles in the most unexpected and amazing ways.