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I am a Mother and Yoga teacher. Yoga has helped tremendously to transform my life in many ways. Mostly with the way I am a mother. Like many, my childhood was far from perfect. My mother always seemed to not be fully there as a parent. My father the same. Both I feel were very selfish at times. However, Yoga helped me to see that everyone is where they need to be. Even if where they are isn't always where you would like them to be. Though cliche, Yoga has taught me that I can learn from my parents on how not to be with my children. That parenting itself is a form of Yoga. Don't get me wrong I still get frustrated from time to time, but along with my husband (who is also a Yoga teacher) we have brought Yoga into our lives and parenting by way of compassion. Compassion for everyone and all faiths. That is how Yoga helps to keep the balance in our lives. It has taught us to be mindful and present. Or at least to come back and remember to be present. It is a continual journey for both of us. As I believe it should be. And in the future, when the kids are teenagers, Yoga will also help keep the peace by reminding us that each one of us is where we need to be, including our children.

I practice Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda Style.