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Many people think of yoga as a physical practice. Originally yoga was a spiritual practice, then the other aspects were added. I practice Bhakti Yoga, devotional yoga through prayer, meditation, and chanting/music/speech. It helps me to deal with life's stress and calms me down. It empowers me to focus on what I can do to change the situation. It brings an aspect of self control to my life. I learn to think about the consequences of what I do. I also have learned to live in the moment. I have developed myself more as a person through this practice of yoga. I learned that I needed help with things in my life because of being unemployed. That's okay. Self-reliance is a myth because everyone needs support and help in acheiving anything. God is a big support, but God's likes to act through a compassionate person, compassionate animal, or the creation/nature itself. I have experienced miracles like being able to do public speaking and helping to bring a different perspective to different spiritual groups I have been involved with. Chant and music is so important in helping me center my life. Yoga is union with God.