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For over two decades I was a leader in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) for development and managed the World Bank's largest ICT portfolio of projects in public sector management, education and health in every region of the world. My first yoga classes were with Beryl Bender Birch and Thom Birch and I am grateful I was introduced to this age-old practice, which I then taught to international development professionals like myself to help balance our over-stressed work lives. I saw how this practice can move from the physical to the emotional and can have an impact on the lives of underserved and unserved communities. With Beryl Bender Birch, Lori Klein, we founded The Give Back Yoga Foundation ( to support certified yoga teachers to give back to those in their communities who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of this powerful practice, in all its aspects-- from asana and stress reduction, through breath work and meditation, to general service to others.