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Yoga helps me in my daily life. I feel more body mind connection. I stated deepen my yoga practice in last 5 years, the reason I started yoga in my 40s from my sciatic and chronic lower back pain from pregnancy. I told myself let give it a try to learn this ancient practice. I practiced yoga forms everyday. In the first 3 months, I really felt the different. People around me noticed in my body and my energy.

I used deep breath work to guide me when I wake up every morning. Any problems in daily life, yoga help me survive. I got deeper in yoga study and got certified as a yoga teacher in 2009. I know that yoga can travel to any one by allowing in mind over the body. Yoga makes me become more compassionate to the world. I studied different forms of yoga, iyengar, ashtanga, hatha, and anusara yoga and pranayama practice under the principle of believe that how I would adapted too goods from each yoga into myself and the world. They are helpful to my life, I can connect to my mind and physical body. I am not vegetarian. I focus more inwardly so I adapted to situation to place the space I go. The forms and lineages study are only outside, but what important is how you can bring yoga into daily life for healthy balance body and mind. The world get more easier and lighter. I meet people and feel grace. Now, I expand my yoga practice to family and friends. I teach and practice yoga with my friends weekly.