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Christianity and Yoga
I am a Christian who teaches Yoga several days a week. I have thought at length about how these two practices intertwine. To me, being a good Christian means to be Christ Like, embracing the faith in the spirit, mind and body.
Spirit - By spirit, I mean daily prayer (talking to God, or for anyone, whatever their perception of a higher power is for them); and meditation (listening). I believe God talks to us if listen with the mind of a child. Based on my personal experiences, those who fear meditation as inviting voices other than God into our minds have not really meditated, and only listened to those who want to control their faith for their own purposes.
Mind - By mind, I mean reading the bible and other spiritual texts so that one’s intellect can grasp the concepts the spirit and body come to embrace as real and healthy and positive.
Body - By body, I mean taking care of this temporary vessel God has given us; but even more than that, opening up the vast potential of the body and the energy therein, so we may fully understand and appreciate the power of our faith. Our faith and our energy (chi or ki) and our mind are meant to be one, as demonstrated by Christ himself, who not only embodied a perfect theological mind and pure spirit, but performed physical miracles because his body was one with his mind and spirit.
I believe God means for us to unite spirit, mind and body into one.” Yoga” means Union - uniting spirit, mind and body. It is easy to pick at the differences among various faiths, but more valuable to look at their similarities and shared beliefs.
I have difficulty believing the teaching of a Christian preacher who has only developed his or her mind in theological study of the bible, but has let their body and real spirituality fall to the side. I know some very scholarly preachers who seem very spiritual, but have let their bodies become obese. One has to wonder about their self indulgent, and not God focused, behavior, when their health is so poor.
I believe we must acknowledge that the Hindu and Taoist faiths have wisely included a physical practice to help unite the body with the spirit and the mind, in a way that Christianity has not. The Hindu practice of Yoga, and the Taoist practice of Sun Do (Korean Taoist Yoga), have helped many Christians, including myself, become much closer to Christ by increasing our faith and by letting the energy of God flow through us.
Fear is the opposite of Faith. I believe that those who fear that practicing Yoga or Sun Do or meditation are actually betraying their faith, just because it is something new, or different, or outside of their traditional Christian practices. They are denying some the many blessings God has given us, namely our diversity and an open mind . I have seen many physical miracles performed by Christians, Hindus and Taoists in my 50 years on this earth, and it inspires and fulfills me to teach the physical practice of Yoga or Sun Do to Christians and let this enhance their faith.
My name is Roy Bushman. I am a practicing Christian raised in the Baptist Church and attend church regularly. I started Tae Kwon Do in 1972 and am a 7th dan black belt with I K Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers ( in Cincinnati, Ohio. I teach Tae Kwon Do several evenings each week as a volunteer, seeing the amazing benefits the practice of Tae Kwon Do has on children and parents of all faiths. I am also a volunteer instructor several days a week of Sun Do, a Taoist Yoga practice, and the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky contact for the International Sun Do Association (
“An open mind is like an open mouth, eventually it should bite down on something fulfilling,” and for me Sun Do has provided a Yoga practice for my body that enhances my Christian Spirit and engages my open mind. Thank you, rb