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I've always found yoga to be a little too slow. Somehow the art of holding poses was just beyond my patience level. (I much prefer a walking meditation.) I understand its importance and certainly I can appreciate all the benefits derived from the daily practice, but I just never was able to get into it. And then I found the series of poses called Sun Salutation (which Seane Corn demonstrated in the video, but she called it a yoga prayer.) This is the yoga I practice. It gives me energy, insight, and generally makes me feel good.

I combine this with a series of Tai Chi poses which claim to be good as a stress detox. These, too, are a series of poses which can be done once or twice or many times repeated.

The bottom line is we each have to find what works for us as individuals. And while I probably won't get into a more lengthy practice, I absolutely loved many things Seane Corn said in the Being interview and will make that a part of my daily practice.

PS: The image I've included is of Pug (At The Beach). While I don't care for a daily yoga practice, Pug, my little island dog philosopher creation, does. Here he is doing The Bridge.