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The other day I listened to Krista Tippett’s interview with Yoga Instructor Seane Corne titled “Yoga. Meditation in Action” and I am so glad I did! It was a great interview that taught me a lot about yoga.
Yoga was something I never gave much thought. To me it was simply an exercise that I found odd and knew virtually nothing about. After listening to Seane Corn’s interview, I cannot wait to have my first opportunity to try Yoga! I connected with Seane on the level of anxiety and obsessive compulsiveness. Though I wouldn’t say that I deal with obsessions at the level Seane did, I believe I deal with it to a degree. Yoga could be what I have needed all along.
Seane described Yoga as a physical activity that detoxifies your body coupled with deep breathing to mentally ground you. Yoga gave her a sense that she was part of something larger than she could define and it helped her mind to be settled. Seane believes, as well as other Yoga instructors, that there is no seperation between mind and body. Your body remembers everything and if we hold onto things it can be stressful on our physic. Every breath and movement is full of intention and if you fall out of a pose, not to let yourself get angry. Stay away from the negative energy.
Seane Corn seems like a very real and wonderful person. She came into a better lifestyle because of Yoga and in turn is helping others who need guidance from someone like her.