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Early this morning (4AM or therabouts), I woke in anticiaption of the coming storm (Hannah). I was uncomfortable and began to practice the "happy baby" position which I usually find soothing. But after another half hour of sleeplessness and a change of beds, I began a series of more stringent poses. Keep in mind, it was early in the morning and my ultimate goal was to return to bed. Eventually I fell asleep and had a strange and wonderful dream which concerned saying goodbye to a childhood nieghbor (four years my senior), who has terminal, brain cancer. In the dream I met with him (which I was denied several weeks ago because of his precarious state and the fact that I have not been in touch with him for many years). But the need to say goodbye to him was critical to me. In my dream he quietly turned away from me and headed into an underground train station, without saying anything or acknowledging my presence. Today I will call his younger brother (my friend with whom I have remained in touch), to offer words of comfort.