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When I was a child I became enchanted with dance. My mother resisted, but eventually I convinced her for ballet lessons and quickly excelled in the technique. I grew into normal, tall, healthy body that happened to not be perfect for an aspiring ballerina. I soon began a cycle of purging and starvation.
Luckily I found the healing form of movement called Yoga. I started my practice while at college in New Mexico and continued until I eventually became a Vinyasa Teacher. This path of practice has also changed recently as I explore more styles in my current home of NYC.
I also have the pleasure of still having dance in my life, now Modern Dance, through teaching at a last chance alternative public high school in downtown Brooklyn. My student's are more likely to be gang members than ever be exposed to a downward dog but I am amazed to have the honor of not only spending half my day practicing dance with my students but the other half is dedicated to yoga. Not only am I able to keep myself healthy I get to expose what I have found through Yoga to the next generation.