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I tried practicing yoga alone in my home, but found I needed a partner. I was lucky to have a great yoga teacher and he arranged for me to partner with a man who is now a friend named DeNiro. Both of us were stressed completely as we are in finance here but miss our homes - his is in Germany, in Lobbachtal, and mine is in Russia although I was born and raised in America. The yoga proved a wonderful relief, but not immediately. We had to go through our steps one at a time and often before a feeling of calm came over me, and later for DeNiro. I would recommend it for anyone living a stress-filled life. The most unusual thing however is that my dogs at least try to do Yoga with us. This is the amazing and most facinating
thing. The dogs, who are giant schnauzers are normally very active and noisy, but when they see us roll out out mats the lie down and seem almost to copy our movements as much as they can.

Thanks for your wonderful program