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Dear Speaking of Faith:

Today's program, 9/07, and your upcoming one could not be more timely for me.

I'm currently taking care of a parent with Alzheimers and developed arthritis in the process.

And I also recently completed a book on yoga called An American Yoga: The Kripalu Story.

What I'd like to add the dialgoue about yoga is the subtext of The Kripalu Story. That it is the esoteric practice of shaktipat-diksha that has allowed yoga to become so profoundly influential in the world today.

Up until the birth of the nuclear age, following world war II, India did not allow the export of this powerful form of spiritual transmission.

In the case of Kripalu Yoga, it was Shrii Kripalvanandji, an acknowledged Kundalini yoga master, who tweaked the fate and direction of Amrit Desai's life by initiating him with shaktipat diksha and giving him the ways and means to transfer it to his disciples in America and the West.

The result is The Kripalu Story.

Most discussions of yoga don't offer an inclusion of this practice or acknowledge how it is the esential ingredient that allows yoga to be a spiritually transformative process rather than just a very sopisticed form of exercise and meditation.

I know that I am being more general here than you are probably looking for, but if you'd like more specifics I can provide them. One of the reasons I wrote the kripalu Story is that I don't think up until now that this process has not been accurately described and acknowledged.

I worked with Yogi Amrit Desai as his book editor during the 1980's and also stayed with him following the crisis that led him to resign as spritual director of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

And last year I travelled with him to India for a 'lineage tour' of the places where he had his spiritual awakening expereinces. My descriptions of shakti (the evolutionary energy received through shaktipat diksha) are first hand.