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I was diagnosed with ms in 1997 at UPenn and Jefferson hospitals. By 1999 I was consumed by debilitating symptoms. Out of desperation, I plunged back to nature with raw foods, proper breath, prayer, fasting, and kundalini and hatha yogas.
In 2003 my dog and I hiked from Maine to the Tenn border on the A.T.. We passed virtually every other hiker and even moved 25 miles/day, 6 days a week our last month out.
I practice yoga everyday, in the sun, and on the ground when the weather permits.
My body is so sensitive, I work fulltime doing State contracted socialwork, and I'm not always strong enough to run up mountains. In fact, I am often reminded that I could be in a wheelchair very easily. However, when I am in the delicate rhythm, there are virtually no limits to my abilities.
Since the hike, my wife has worked by my side in the laborious tree service industry. Either way, I love yoga and what opened up to me because of the practice.
I've always been very restless, but the practice allows my body to relax for meditation. It has helped my posture, dealing with stress, and I'm certain has opened me to countless blessings.