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Those challenging lessons in life. The ones that can really take the wind out of your sail. Bringing every emotion to the surface. Intensely. My head felt like it was on fire, my body tense and exhausted during my Sister's 18 month illness and eventual death from breast cancer. My Father died 5 months prior to Sister's passing. My Mom, now at home with me suffering from Altzheimer's and a brand new baby grandson born on the day of Dad's funeral! These were bitter-sweet moments of celebration and grieving for my loved ones. I didn't know if I was coming or going at times!
Homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers and BREATH DEEP were a few of my tools to keep it together. I knew I needed Yoga for balance and peace of mind. Also dance.
I quit my job in the state super-max prison library. Got to Yoga class and began my recuperation and restoration. My wonderful teacher one day said to me "Debbie, you can teach Yoga if you want." Today I am teaching and practicing Vinyasa with love, playfulness, and joy in my heart!