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I always felt that I needed to learn to breathe more fully and more easily. I didn't really learn know how to breathe until I started doing Yoga. I was told to breathe from here or from there; and I was told "don't do this or that", but none of it made sense and it did not help. I even asked a singer and an actor for help, even though I am not a singer or an actor, but I did not get the help I was searching for.

One day while watching public television, I learned about Peggy Cappy's "Yoga for the Rest of Us". I bought her DVDs, and I finally felt the ease of breathing. Without my daily simple yoga exercises which consist of stretching, balancing and breathing, I cannot imagine feeling good physically or mentally.

A huge bonus was the Spiritual Connection I felt with the breath that I had never felt before. That spiritual connection led to my reading about Buddhism and to my daily meditation practice. Meditation focusing on the breath helps me to live more peacefully, and with more kindness and compassion.

All of this from simple Yoga exercises which stretch and balance the body. -Judith Brook