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sutra 1: Yoga is the cessation of the fluxtuation of the mind. Our teacher reminds us of this Sutra in each and every Hatha class. We are told to leave our hurts and stresses on the floor during svathasana. I come to yoga class carrying the day with me - my mind swirling in different directions my body tight. There is always talk and energy and pragmatic movement before hatha class begins. At the end I am in a quiet energy - my mind is at peace - my body feeling delicious - that is the restoration- coming in connected and part of those stresses that are self inflicted and leaving yoga class as the observer. There is no competition in Yoga - we are told that were ever you are is okay - to not judge yourself. I thank my teacher always.
When I first started Yoga three years ago I was a complete neophyte. Over and over I listened to the repetition of the words - felt the flight and gravity of the asanas , the chanting, pranyanma, the music, the hush light of the candle. I have felt my body anew - my mind opening and have smiled over and over again.
Yoga has calmed the mind, opened my body and gradually the sutras have become part of my day to day experience. To be here and now is restorative.