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as a public high school biology teacher who is a catholic (and perhaps more importantly a spiritual person), i'm continually looking for ways to make the connection between science and religion and present it in the classroom in a careful NON-religious way.

as a practitioner of yoga with only 3 years of formal practice a decade or so ago, i like to start my days with a yoga routine, though it often changes and thus reflects my inner stress. essentially, i do four sun salutations, one each to the four cardinal directions (a bit of feng shui, if you will), each direction symbolizing something that works for me: (these are not my own ideas but i cannot remember which 'workshop' introduced these ideas to me...). to the EAST, while doing the sun salutation and breathing carefully, i will meditate on DETAILS i'm dealing w/in my life at that time; SOUTH meditating on PEOPLE LESS FORTUNATE; WEST meditating on the BIG PICTURE/PERSPECTIVE; and finally NORTH meditating on JUST DO IT!/ACT NOW. it's nice because i can change the order in which i do the four directions or the number of them, depending on the need at the moment.

here's to balance.