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The practice of yoga has helped me find my best self. I was introduced to yoga thirty-five years ago and have practiced daily for twenty-five years. I earned my classical hatha yoga teacher certification four years ago and have been teaching yoga since then.
I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga.
Practicing yoga causes you to slow down, pay attention to your breath and your body You learn to accept yourself as you are and thus become more compassionate to yourself and others. The changes that yoga brings are very subtle and occur slowly over time, therefore some people are disappointed in yoga because they are expecting quick results. However if one stays with the practice for a series of months, changes occur not only in ones' body, but also in one's mind set and attitudes towards life.
Thank you for asking.
The picture I am attaching is my daughter and I doing the wheel pose with a little assitance from my cat, Woody.
The website for my yoga studio is