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I was introduced to yoga (hatha) at my local YMCA and have practiced (increasingly) for 6 years. I am going to be 60 in November, and I wish I had found yoga much earlier in my life - it has definitely been life-changing for me. I am attracted to all aspects - mind, body and spirit. Physically I am stronger, more flexible and more aware of my body and its parts. Mentally, I have learned to slow down, to focus, to breathe, to have perspective. Spiritually I am learning to connect to something greater than myself and beyond the confines of my physical life. I am so interested in reading and learning all about yoga. I keep a book about the anatomy of yoga in the bathroom to read about each pose. I have learned some chants in sanskrit and am fascinated by that language. Currently I am a school librarian, but I plan to become a certified yoga instructor when I retire and would like to do yoga with senior citizens who are limited in their movement, as I truly believe yoga can be beneficial to ANYONE. My mother has emphysema and I have shown her some breathing techniques that might help her. After work, when my energy is at its lowest, I have started doing 5 basic sun salutations and standing on my head for a few minutes and I am amazed by the energy I gain from this simple routine. I have found that the benefits of doing yoga are sometimes immediate - especially from the relaxation poses - but others become evident after a long time of practice, when I one day realize that I can actually feel a certain set of muscles, or that I can easily twist around as I back my car! I think savasana as a "practice" for dying is very interesting - letting go. I love yoga.