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I started Hatha yoga six years ago. I was grieving the death of my 85 year old mother, and family and friends prevailed upon me to try yoga. I had never been very athletic, but from the very first session, yoga meshed with my artistic personality! Through all the guided stretching and strengthening movements, I have found inner and outer strength. The meditation practice helps me to quiet the constant chatter and inner critic, and aids in concentration and creativity for my work in drawing and painting.

As an unexpected bonus, I have met wonderful women in my classes, some of whom have become friends. We are all of different physical ages but are all youthful seekers. One woman next to me turned out to be a Unity minister, and now I am an active member her church. Others share their life experiences before class and we all feel this connection to one another and to a force within us due to our practice of yoga. (Instructor is Kit Spahr at Delaware Arts Castle in Delaware, Ohio).