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Yoga is the hub around which the wheel of my life revolves. Yoga not only keeps my body well and whole, but my practice keeps my emotions and my spirit balanced. Yoga has led me to a wholeness of life that I've never had before. Yoga has led me to the deep understanding that I am God's beloved creation -- just right right now. The greatest gift that yoga has given me is that peaceful with my life; I feel I am living as God intends me to in all areas of my life.

Years ago, as I navigated between the different areas of my life and the various roles I play, I would feel jarring shifts. My yoga practice has smoothed those transitions. I feel a new fluidity as I move from teaching in my yoga studio, to caring for my husband and children, to listening to a friend, to worshipping God.

It's common knowledge that yoga integrates body, mind and spirit. The profound truth for those of us living and practicing within busy, ordinary, daily lives, is that yoga integrates all the dimensions and areas of our lives. As much as we love being these things, we are not "mom," or "teacher," or "wife," or "parishioner," or "friend." We are simply who we are when we are still and quiet. We are God's creations trying our best to let His love and His light shine through us as we live our lives.

Yoga is a spiritual tool designed to help each of us -- regular people living regular lives -- draw closer to God. For me, yoga intersects beautifully with my Christian faith, but yoga works with any faith. Yoga helps us draw our faith out of weekly worship and into my everyday life. This is my greatest message to my students. This is my passion.

I practice and teach ashtanga yoga. The physical movement of ashtanga yoga required my mental focus. This helps me quiet my mind. Ashtanga's focus on breath serves to deepen my focus even more. I think of my practice as a moving meditation. I open with an intention (a prayer if you use that language), the practice itself is a quieting process, savasana at the end is a time of attentive openness, receptivity and listening.