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I have found much more than restoration and balance through practicing Purna Yoga, though I have received those as well. Purna Yoga includes nutritional instruction, meditation, philosophy and alignment based asana classes. It has helped me change my ordinary life style to one of health and wellness; the meditation has helped me to connect increasingly with my source, and my body is strong, flexible and balanced through practicing asana. Purna Yoga has transformed me from a runner, swimmer, bicyclist,to a believer that Purna Yoga is the best form of exercise as well as a tool for transformation of my body and mind so that they can join with my soul.

I have practiced yoga off and on for much of my life; I am 73 years old. But it was not until I found Purna Yoga and Yoga Centers in Bellevue, WA that I learned the other aspects of yoga listed above. Purna means complete and it has given me the tools to change my life into a deeply meaningful, extraordinary experience.

Aadil Palkhivala and Mirra, his wife, are the co-owners of Yoga Centers and have developed this style of yoga, Purna Yoga, over the last 25 years. They are people who live in integrity with their belief system and are great role models for those of us who are practicing Purna Yoga.

I am a Certified Purna Yoga teacher and a meditation teacher at Yoga Centers. It is a great privilege to be a part of Purna Yoga.

Yoga Centers also has a college for training yoga teachers. It is the only state certified yoga college in the country. It is a demanding and strenuous and deeply rewarding certification process though there are also 200 and 500 hour programs with more limited training than the Purna Yoga 2000 hour certification process. There is more information at the website,,

Thanks for this opportunity to share my wonderful experience with Purna yoga with you.

Mana Iluna