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I describe myself as spiritual in a variety of ways. In a simple text-book, demographic way, I'd be labeled as a "non-practicing, liberal Christian." But to me, I think of God, Jesus, goodness, purity, beauty and truth are all very related.

What does this have to do with my yoga? In a text-book, demographic way, I'd be labeled as a "semi-practicing yoga enthusiast." I do a little bit of it almost every day, and I've enjoyed Seane Corn's videos with Gaiam immensely. Her dedication to love and empathy is something I this is essential to spread in our modern world.

The solitude and peace I find through yoga is healing, powerful, gorgeous and pure. The alignment between breath and movement creates a nice hum within the body and mind. I enjoy it very much and find that it allows me to live more aligned with truth and harmony. To put it simply, yoga (and other solitary exercising) enables me to cope with the stresses of life a lot better than without it.