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I have been priveleged over the past 25 years to attend regular yoga classes, weekends and conferences which allowed me to experience and practice many forms of yoga. It was during my introduction and education with Integral Yoga that I learned to quiet my mind--and make space for spirit to enter. It was Vinyasa flow yoga where I experienced the movement of energy throughout my body and chakras--actually able to feel the places where the energy was stuck and learned how to release. It was in Siddha Yoga that I fell in love with chanting and the ease in which it brought me into deep meditation. Yin Yoga showed me how holding a pose for minutes at a time allowed my body to slowly open up and relax fully. Iyeanger Yoga taught me the beauty of perfection that led to the ease of flow. Ashtanga yoga taught me discipline and the awesome strength of the human body. Overall, for me yoga is the practice of letting go of mind and allowing spirit to emerge---healing and balancing mind, body and spirit. Never do I feel more beautiful then after my yoga practice. Not the perfect physical beauty our society futilely chases---but the type of beauty that emerges from a deep sense of well being and the truth that we are all one.

A special thank you to Seane Corn--I have been honored to spend a few weekends with her during her wonderful workshops. She continues to reach new levels of awareness through her dedicated practice and teachings. I will always admire and respect her ability to bring her practice to real life and real people--where she is a true force of healing in our world. Not to mention just she makes the workshops so much fun with her wonderful sense of humor and down to earth attitude!
Annette Stinson