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From my mother's suicide in 1999 through my divorce in 2005, yoga has continued to teach me that "this too I can breathe through" (I can't remember where or from who I first heard that phrase).

My yoga mat has become a metaphor for life: you can have to show up (be present) and breathe.

I've learned to approach each class and life as a question, a question to be explored through breathing and moving. Sometimes it's a general question like I wonder what emotions will come up in class today? Other times, I start by asking a specific question about something that's happening in my life and listen to what body reveals about how that's making me feel? In life, I've learned to look at everything that happens to me, not as "Why?" but as "What?". "What is the universe trying to show me?" and "What does the universe want me to learn?"

To me, yoga is above breathing and movement, the essence of living.

So yoga is not just a life practice, it's about practicing living.