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I am a mother of two, Registered Yoga teacher with my own growing yoga business. For the last 15 years, I was a very successful sales Director building satellite networks all over the world I found yoga about 8 years ago, and slowly but surely the peace, awareness and reality set in. I was meant for more...more for me, more for my family and more was needed from me to give to the world. Three years ago, I quit it all, and started my own business, Bendy Yoga. I remember the exact day when I started this process. Despitethe neverending pull from so many directions, with huge expectations and negative influences, I began to work on the marketing; the name of the company, the logo, even the brochure copy; all of it flowed out of me like a river. My creativity,enlivened with a new focus, had been awakened. I finished my full 200 hours this last srping, but have already been teaching fro over 3 years; from the day that I went for my first job interview as a yoga teacher. I have found that yoga has restored what I had lost, me. I have found my inner child, my energy, my love for my family, and my focus on living for the present moment. My body and mind are stronger despite decades of negligence from travel, stress and pain. I find more satisfaction in seeing my students in shivasana at the end of a 1 hour grueling but restorative class, than I ever have in the closing of any multi-million dolalr communications network continents away. My family is better for this gift and I find daily that hatha yoga has made it all worth it, the miniscule income, the small demands on my time, it all works, like a well-tuned musical instrument that has found its beautiful melody again, and will never, ever lose it again.