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Restoration begins when I step over the threshold into The Studio, where my friend and I opened a yoga studio at the beginning of this year. It begins with the space because when the space functions as a "container" as the Jungians call it, it allows you to step out of your running around self for 90 minutes and sink into a restorative experience. We opened the yoga studio after my co-owner, Paulette had created a fairly die-hard group of yoga students who followed her around from church basements, a former empty restaurant space and a third floor walk-up with no fire exit. We had a community and needed an aesthetic, safe space (with a bathroom). We invited other teachers to join us and have created a schedule that offers hatha yoga, Svaroopa yoga, Kundalini yoga workshops, Yin/Yang yoga workshops, dance, movement, t'ai chi and breathing meditation classes. The restoration comes from the teachers sharing their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience with us and the 90 minutes we get to experience their teachings. The balance comes from the physical and spiritual feeling that even though our poses are not ready for Yoga Journal, that the practice itself can inoculate us against the worst effects of stress. I get comments all the time from people (men and women) who come to take classes like "you have no idea, you're saving my life" or "our community really needed a place like this, thanks so much." It's simple, drop-in, inexpensive and adds a sense of well-being and friendship for anyone who want the experience. That's restoration and balance.