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I have begun practicing Ashtanga yoga this year. I haven't practiced any other forms of yoga, so I don't know how this particular form compares with others. I love the balance of strength and flexibility work. It's good for my body (an incredible experience of harmony)and good to carry out that work in the other parts of my life.

I've been experiencing the truth that it is "practice" that shapes our thinking, rather that our thinking that shapes our practices in the world. The physical manifestation of balance and being in the present moment is the act of faith for me. To have the commitment to put myself here, now, and accept whatever is going on in my practice (yoga and meditation) gets carried into my thinking and interactions with myself, my family, my friends and neighbors, and everyone I meet, pass in the streets, those I think about as I vote, and as I do the work I can do in the world.

I have also begun breath meditation on the Tibetan Shambala Warrior's Path. The words that I learned from these teachings that I say before I begin my breath meditation and/or yoga are, "I will now work with my mind(body) to develop peace." The work with my body and mind to develop peace truly, then, begins to happen in my life.