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I was first introduced to Yoga and Meditation soon after undergraduate completion in 1982. These ancient practices were recommended to me as a means of managing my high level of anxiety. This anxiety seemed to be was amplified during my first professional job , due in part to a life long stuttering challenge.

I found the practices to be very effective in teaching me to accept my weakness and focus on my strengths. I found both Yoga and Meditation to be well aligned with my Catholic tradition and devotion. I find myself using them as an effective means of prayer.

As with many other practices and a natural human tendency, I started to use it less over time, as I needed it less. I have continued to use some aspect of what I learned during prayer time. I recently signed up for a Yoga class offered at work. The timing of the Speaking-of-Faith show was perfect. Thank you.

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== ps
I enjoy and always look forward to the diversity of faith awakening topic of Speakikng of Faith. Well done.

The website and access to details is awesome. This was my first follow up to the show via your site.

The SoF show host is awesome. Her open, unbiased and receptive approach to the interviews of the different views and perpective of the same Human Spirit helps the audience do likewise.

Best wishes,