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In 1985,I began teaching basic Hatha Yoga in my home town after working with a teacher for several years. I have a MS in Nursing and have been a wellness educator since 1982. Yoga has been a great way for me to help people reintegrate their mind and body with their spirit - and with the Spirit that informs and infuses us ALL.

I actualy approach Hatha Yoga as a form of body prayer, and I do my best to integrate it with our relationship with God. While I am deeply Christian, and DO have a personal relationship with Jesus,I feel a relatedness to ALL faith traditions. It is NATURAL to me to engage the mental, emotional and spiritual component in all my classes.

TODAY's program was WONDERFUL!! It came at a really good time for me (no accident). I'd been feeling a sense of weariness in my practice and in my teaching over the last few months. Since I'll soon be 69. I wondered if its time to let go, since there are more fitness-oriented and Power Yoga folks now. Today's SOF program and Seane Corn's story helps me see that maybe its time, not to let go, but to go yet deeper. THank you for having Seane Corn on!

I've often wanted to 'come out of the closet', and offer a Christian Yoga class at our Presbyterian church. I approached our pastor a couple of weeks ago, and he sounded quite interested. So we'll see.