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I have been practicing yoga for about 13 years, and it is the word "practice" that stands out for me. When I first stepped on a mat, I knew that I had found a physical practice that I loved.
But it took many years for it to become a spiritual practice. I believe that I had to open myself physically to accept the spiritual teachings.

Yes, I have healed my body and my mind can be balanced most of the time. It is easier to get myself quiet by finding my breath when I feel out of control or a person or situation around me is not how I think it should be.

SInce I practice in a health club, I am exposed to many different kinds of yoga, I am currently studying with a teacher who is teaching us Anusara yoga. This particular type of yoga is appealing to me as it focuses upon heart-opening and body alignment.

I practice in a community of yoga people, and that's important to me as I am a retired teacher and I miss the energy of my fellow teachers and students. Before I retired four years ago, I used what I learned in yoga to calm my students bodies and minds so that I could get them focused and teach them my lesson on any given day.

I can't imagine my life before yoga, and am grateful everyday for what it has brought into my life.