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When I discovered Yoga, I was not sure what I had found. I have largely practiced ashtanga, though some instructors are inclined to fuse ashtanga with elements of tai-chi or elements of vinyassa flow or possibly anything. Whether it was intensity of focus and concentration conjoined with ujjayi breathing, or the suprisng usefulness of the array of drishtis- - - I always detected an energy or a subtle spirit essence or something, that to this day draws me in. I tend to have a wide range of interests that may come/go, be taken or left; yoga's attraction has remained. That yoga requires peace, calm and concentration of me, is one source of balance and restoration. The flexibility of mind and body that comes with the practice is another. Behind the front, street-facing windows of yoga, should one dare to look inside, one can find an attractively enticing philosophy. I am happy to have discovered yoga.