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I first became acquainted with yoga about 25 years ago, mainly as a way to get back into shape after my first child was born. Over the next several years I practiced it "fitfully," taking a few classes, but mainly relying on TV shows and videos. Even though I knew it was something "special," it really did not stick with me. (Possibly because I didn't have a personal teacher and guide.)

Then about two years ago, my husband and I began taking a Sat. morning class at a local church. It was definitely a deeper, more meaningful experience. Alas, again, life intervened and we stopped after several months.

In the late spring of '08, suffering from middle age aches and pains and recently diagnosed high blood pressure, I determined I was going to do get back into yoga--this time seriously and for the long haul.
In late May I began attending classes 2/3 times a week at a local studio. I also have daily home practice. I can report that this regular routine has enabled me to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. The physical strength and conditioning, while very welcome, is secondary to the sense of peace I feel. Never in my life have I experienced such a sense of calmness and balance. My dr. tells me if I continue to do so well, I may be able to cut back on my medication.

My husband and I are both Catholics. He and I discuss the fact that many religious groups frown on yoga. Our feeling is that it is a very personal practice and anything that brings you into such a state of peace and closeness to the Diving is okay. I would never view yoga as a religion--I know some do. It is a way of life that helps me to be a better Christian.

Thank you for your program. We listen whenever we can.