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I practice a mix of yoga styles and find great benefit from Vinyasa Flow and a variety of Kundalini breathing techniques. The practice of Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. I sustained a spinal cord injury some years ago and have recovered very well. The practice of Yoga has provided my body a level of integration I have never known in my life, pre or post injury. When doing sustained Yoga flow and/or Sun Salutation flow the most complete and "at one" experience that I can only compare to a religious experience. Yoga is the only things in my life I have ever been involved with that teaches me about unconditional acceptance of myself and others while allowing me to move through my life as strong as I am soft.

As a person of Jewish faith, I can only compare peak Yoga experiences I have had to what I feel when I hear Ancient Hebrew Melodies.

Thank you for doing this program on Yoga with Sean Corn. Heartfelt thanks to Krista Tippett and staff for producing extraordinary programming and for sharing this most wide perspective on faith.