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Yoga found me when I needed it most. I was recovering from a broken relationship and moved in with a friend who was in a teacher training program. She convinced me to go to a class with her and I immediately felt my heart and spirit open up. While it challenges me physically, it's Yoga's ability to quiet my mind through "moving meditation" that puts me in a place where I can grow spiritually. Yoga gave me perspective on my ability to heal myself.
I was lucky to have a terrific instructor at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis named Tanya Boigenzahn Sowards. She turned me on to ashtanga. I have also done weekend retreats there with Rod Stryker and Seane Corne. Seane's detoxification retreat involved asanas but her talk on forgiveness as "the greatest detoxifier" was particularly insightful for me. She encouraged me to look at those who appeared in my life, those who left an indelible mark especially those who brought suffering were really angels who came to help me unite with "spirit." That perspective has been life changing. After the class she took time to encourage me. The picture is just after our conversation. Thank you for your wonderful conversation with Seane.
People who are tuned in to this spiritual practice seem to magically appear since I've been practicing. Your show is one of those instances. Thank you. I love your program!