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I started practicing about 7 years ago, while I was a 43 year old pregnant woman. I was so worried about the health of my baby, I could barely sleep some nights. I was a very anxious and controlling person back then. I thought I could handle, and should handle, everything and everyone in my life. The absurdity of that mind pattern caught up with me. I started Yoga then because I thought it was physically gentle enough to handle and that it might help me to relax. I had no idea how Yoga would lead me on a spiritual journey that I am still on.

Yoga has led me into a new phase of life. It has helped me to awaken and it has brought me closer to my true nature. There were times when I would just start crying in the middle of a pose. I believe it was the release of some repressed emotion that I was holding inside. There were plenty of those and there probably still are.

I could go on and on, but let me just say that I feel like a more humble and grateful person than I was before I started my practice. Yoga has led me to read spiritual books, listen to calming sacred music and to sound meditation. It all helps me feel more alive and comforable in my own body. I can experience the wonder of life that I remember having as a small child. It is amazing.

I practice both Vinyassa and Kundalini yoga. I know that this will be a part of my life for the duration.