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I began yoga practice in 1990. It was a time when I was at one of those crossroads in life. I was nearly 40 and not terribly satisfied with my life. I now realize my soul knew something was missing. Now after 18 years of practice and and two teaching certifications - in Kripalu yoga (the yoga of compassion) and Svaroopa Yoga (the yoga of consciousness) I can honestly tell you that I truly live according to my innermost urgings. It has been, as you can imagine, a remarkable journey with many twists and turns. It has led me to end an 18 year marriage, to lose a career, and to establish myself as one of a new emerging genre of artists combining ecology, theology and activism in my work.

Here is my current artist statement - which I feel speaks volumes abotu what I do. I can honestly tell you that without my daily yoga practice I could not paint. Yoga harmonizes me with a grander scale of life.

Artist Statement

SHAKTI (life moves through beauty)
The tracings of the narrative of art are scribbled in the realm of transcendence. And from these faint tracings art becomes the pragmatic idealism which makes visible concepts of compassion, love, goodness and truth. The persistent miracle is when this aesthetic reveals an understanding not previously exposed by any other means or at any other time. In our reach to grasp these tracings we encounter beauty and we touch hope.

ANEMONES Pacem in Maribus (Peace in the Oceans)
Today there are untold extraordinary phenomenon happening around us at exceptional speed. Before we can absorb these events new images arrive from around the globe. We exist in constant flux. The speed of experiences recalling knowledge, evoking new awareness which modifies perception, creating one conscious experience. Our ideas, our cultures, our societies, even our own identities become connected and influenced. We are creating a new world. Through this we come in turn to understand how consciousness pervades every part of the planet. We’ve come to understand the sentience of Gaia is not in doubt and that we are vibrantly connected.

CARYATIDS (harmony and co-creation)
In as much as we are a part of nature, we now can be consciously involved in our co–evolution, which is to say in our own self definition and reconstruction. Nature is no longer something ‘over there’ to be viewed in the middle distance with a dispassionate disinterest, or conquered as a hostile alien, or trivialize with romantic sentimentality. We can recreate ourselves in beauty because the world mirrors us. Beauty exists through this harmony, it is in us and we are surrounded by it. Beauty is a greater sense of grace that calls us to lean down close and hear the earth breathing in synchronicity with us while at the same time experiencing the speed of life.

the medium - moistmedia
As we enter the 21st century not only does our choice of medium contribute to the conversation between the work and the viewer but it’s an essential element of the work’s vitality. A symbiotic relationship is formed by the union of the dry silicon virtual medium with the wet animate medium of paint resulting in a new medium: “moistmedia.”

In combining the virtual and the natural worlds and integrating the personal and global, the natural process is reconstructed and with it our direct intimate experience of life. We are now part of each and we are called to redefine our selves and the environment. The medium is redefined with the knowledge that it imbeds itself in the narrative and anchors spaces that otherwise would be enveloped by images formed from an apparent world. Beauty, by its mere presence, creates an environment which offers a subtle connection to the tracings of transcendence. We can call beauty into play and beauty calls us to remember our compassionate ethos. In remembering our direct connection to the earth and self reconstruction we reclaim our intimacy with the mystery and perhaps reach the harmony of co-creation.

I love your program! You are making a difference. Thank you.



ps I'll attach my latest fusion drawing Zimbabwe Caryatid. It just won an award at a regional open competition in Concord MA. I was isnpired by the terrible fact that the life expectancy of women in Zimbabwe has now dropped to 35 years of age.