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I started practicing yoga back in early may with my husband. My husband was returning to yoga practice after a nearly 10-year hiatus. My goals, at first were purely physical in nature: get increased flexibility for my competitive sports training. The spiritual and mind aspects of yoga sort of just crept up on me, a serendipitous surprise: i've always been impatient, quick to react, quick to anger, quick to worry and become anxious, always busy, always in movement, never still, hyperactive.

Yoga has somehow 'quieted the beast within', so to speak. It is the only time, i've noticed, when i am 'mostly' quiet inside, body still, but mind alert. i've come to realize how 'loud' my interior is in the eveery-day hectic day-to-day.

I find myself needing less sleep, i'm less inclined to anger, more relaxed and more forgiving of others, but more importantly, more forgiving of myself.

an additional bonus: doing it with my husband has brought us together on a very deep, spiritual level.

i really came at yoga with a bit of skepticism, and now i find that if i miss a day, i feel like i'm missing my 'candy' for the day.

ps: we BOTH love krista and sof!