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I think the one thing that my ashtanga practice has taught me, very recently, is I can only do things breath by breath. Every part matters, not just the pose and how I get into it and how it looks. The same thing is true in my life. I am hoping to finish my dissertation next year and writing has been very challenging. I have to remember to do it breath by breath. It takes as long as it takes, but what do I learn about, what do I have faith in, what do I learn while I write it. That lesson has been invaluable.

I loved the interview with Seane Corn. I knew about her, but had not heard anything about her thinking about yoga as prayer. I am Catholic and I pray before every practice - I set my intention, not to make sure that the poses are right, but to open my heart, open my mind, to be more giving from my heart, more loving. What a blessing to hear her interview. Thank you.