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I'd done haphazard, sporadic yoga over the years but did not maintain a regular program. A very health-minded individual who takes responsibility for maintaining my health and eschews medical interference, I found myself quite ill over the Christmas/New Year holidays into January of 2000.

It was a type of influenza combined with a hacking chronic congestion, something I had never had before, and I seemed to be making no progress. Out of desperation, I went to a doctor whose prescription of drugs only seemed to add to my discomfort.

With this illness I had been down for over two weeks. One morning, in that twilight space between sleeping and awakening, the word "yoga" breathed itself into my mind. I'd received an earlier birthday gift of a CD/lesson booklet called "OM Yoga in A Box." I put it on and within the 90 minutes it took to work through the sessions, I was well. No coughing. No fever. All gone.

From that day forward yoga has been a regular discipline. At 65, my body is flexible, limber, and healthy, with none of the "normal" health challenges afflicting others my age and younger. A session of yoga brings me back to my sense of self, and the realization that — no matter the situation I am facing — I am enough.

After 10 years, I still classify myself as a beginner, as my body changes every day to where a pose that was mastered two weeks earlier can often seem new and difficult again. As I've moved recently, I hope to find classes in my locale to really take me further.

I often wonder how these poses came about, who studied these intricacies and took the time to develop them. What a gift to humanity, this study.