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I have experienced several miracles. One, at age 19, when Yoga came to me. I'd been programmed to over-achieve, but the end of the first freshman semester found me sitting on the floor watching people stroll by and wondering, "who am I and why am I here?" These questions led me to read a lot of books pointing to answers, e.g. by Buber, Tillich, etc. Two of these were the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. Immersed in these, one day I awoke and found my body performing postures and movements I'd never seen before. All I knew was that they felt perfectly right, totally both energizing and relaxing. I learned soon that the day simply can't begin for this human being without about an hour of this practice.

This happened 42 years ago. Since then, this Self-moved yoga has been daily practice. When truest, the movements emerge from within. This practice opened me to answer "why am I here": to help others on their path; to help others work together; to help others find their way to live in peace; and to serve the muse. (When I am not on the road as an organizational consultant, I play a lot of jazz.)

You ask below about "faith," and I suppose this sums it up. This is the code I live by, and how I wish to be remembered. I am sure the yoga that came to me is integral to this way of being.