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Found this blog via a link from Facebook and I'm glad I did.
Thanks for sharing this Bruce. My family is all Mennonite (actually very strict traditional Mennonite, almost Amish) so they are all against war and I don't have any relatives that were in a war, but this story touched me.While I'm not Mennonite anymore, I'm still against war.

I'm a writer and speaker... sharing my story of overcoming incredible odds and returning to running after suffering horrific injuries in an accident. I've found that many veterans identify with my story, because I share about the emotional trauma that followed my physical injuries and how I overcome both to return to living life fully alive. At first, I wondered if I'd be able to connect with veterans, but living with physical and emotional pain is a similar experience for most, no matter where the source of pain comes from.

So when they share their stories with me, my heart breaks for all they've been through and continue to live with. Like you, I respect veterans and have found that connecting with them has actually strengthen my conviction to live a life of peace... so that others don't have to deal with physical and emotional pain that could have been avoided.