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Bruce- Thanks for your comments. Back in October, 1969 as the first major moratorium against the Vietnam War was organizing, I called my father, a WWII Marine Corps vet to tell him about my plans to march. We had a long and agonizing conversation. I was determined to march to demonstrate my beliefs against the war. My father was adamant that I not march, especially anywhere near the Arlington Cemetery where a number of his friends were interred. We went back and forth, and towards the end of our conversation my father began to cry. It was the first and only time I ever experienced him cry. Out of my respect for him and his strong feelings about his fallen comrades, I relented and did not march. I did work against the war in my community and later I declared my status as a conscientious objector to my draft board. In 1972, when I brought my case to my draft board, my father joined me and testified before the board as to the sincerity of my beliefs. Five months later, at my wedding, my father spoke and in the course of his speech he quoted Shakespeare's "To thine own self be true." The following summer, in 1973, he died.