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Lovely to read this post from home. Having been educated in a Methodist school from which, if memory serves correct, more than one student would go on to be a part of Anúna, reading Michael's recollections i am reminded of the role of music in bridging church traditions in Dublin by bringing people together in one another's churches and cathedrals. To grow up within Protestant education in Ireland was to lead a life as part of a very small minority and somewhat 'apart' from many aspects of the wider (Roman Catholic) culture - my own first introductions to ecumenical circles was through choral music. Michael's article beautifully reflects the tone of that gentle expanding of one's experience & a reminder to me of the opportunity Dublin's strong tradition of choral music affords. Any reader who has the good fortune to be in Dublin should make a point of hearing choral music in Christ Church Cathedral. It's a beautiful experience for the senses.