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I am almost 65 and took our son, a married man, on a "date" first for sushi and then to see Bobby McFerrin in Cedar Fals, Iowa. Luke had purchased the CD with he and Yoyo Ma and one of the songs on the CD was Ave Maria, along with many wonderful, spine tingling, arrangements. So, my 30 something son and I go and when it is time for the program, out walks ONE person and sits on ONE chair withe ONE bottle of water and the awesome experience begins. But the truly wonderful time was when he stareted with the intro to Ave Maria and we, except for Luke, started doing our "thing" with master leading us.
Krista, it was a joy to listen to you interview him, then to watch the interview. Your programs have been inspirational to me, and like another person said, I do not "put myself" out there, but I am doing it as I was truly touched. Thank you, and if there are any typos, sorry!