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Catching song, a gatherer, a sweeper, a weaver , shaman, Christian, mix, stew yourself in song, spirit, reverence for story, family, relationship, love… prayer… singing prayers in the morning…intense beauty-love fire.

I feel perhaps a bit like the woman a the question and answer period that he describes…Just Good all over. I am grateful he is doing his work and bringing his gift to the world. It inspires me to go out and shine myself… he is shambhala singing warrior. Spreading the love light.. Lighting the love fire...

For me I would like to hear more about his relationship and the lessons that he learned from his FATHER.. I was struck first when he described his dad singing up the "dirt and the bones" of the Negro spiritual… I'd like to delve into that a little more… the dirt and the bones and the soul.. I see it as being quite connected to the stories that he told of his father encouraging students to be THEMSELVES. About being truthful. Having integrity.. being that unique person that each of us is.

Oh, and…

The words leading to laughter at 48:30 - magic.