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Yesterday, I was privileged to be one of two lectors at my friend Helen's Funeral Mass. Her family decided on the first reading from the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8,11. It was the first time I proclaimed this passage although it is familiar to most of us over 60 years. Line 11 was new to me. I read it again and again, trying to grasp its meaning, to better convey it to this group of grieving family and friends.

Then this morning, toward the end of the interview was the part about the woman who had studied at Berkely coming backstage in Paris (if I remember) to ask how Mr. McFerrin could be singing from in a lost African language. Immediately I went back to what I had been pondering since last Monday. Thank you for this opportunity to share a tiny bit of insight I achieved because of this wonderful interview with a kind, patient and gentle man.